oral language support for parents of deaf children

brand and web design

a platform for voices to be heard

laoral is a website that provides families with deaf children with information, support and a learning hub to develop early oral communication.

laoral logo

the service

the client had this project in their mind for seven years by the time we met. since the beginning of her career as a speech therapist, she had been wanting to encourage the oral approach for deaf children who have access to hearing aids, by guiding the parents to communicate verbally through games and stories as early in the children’s development as possible.

the brand identity

the main concepts we worked with were communication, support and connection, plus the additional focus to parents.

in terms of colour, we decided to use cool and earthy tones, including navy, olive, copper, pale pink and beige.

the logo needed to be simple, academic and have a touch of playfulness. the meaning behind it simple to understand: the big bubble chat represents the parents, the small bubble chat the children wearing hearing aids and, in the middle, laura, the client, as the glue that brings them together, building strong communicational foundations.

the complementary art created to support this brand had to be more relaxed and slightly abstract, in order to make the visual of the website more friendly to the eye. organic shapes, filled in with solid colours and handmade traces without stroke were illustrated by me, using a mix of analog and digital processes.

the website

working on webflow as the developing platform, the process of creating this website was new and challenging at times. i had never used this platform before but became familiar with it in a matter of days.

to organise my workload and communicate ideas with the client, i used a combination of tools including figma, notion and miro to bring the website project together.


the client wanted a straightforward and clean website that would guarantee easy access for the readers.


illustrated icons were created to balance the text heavy areas.

simple symbols to help represent either the type of external link shared by the client (e.g. pdf)

or the idea behind the service provided (e.g. a guide to explain stories)


using every colour within the palette for different purposes throughout the website, helped keeping the design of the project consistent.

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