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a photo that can bring out the best of you

inner self portrait is a photography project created by the chilean photographer gina secchi during the times of the pandemic, when people craved human connection.

inner self portrait project

the idea

during times of social alienation, opportunities to fulfil our human need for expressing ourselves become scarce. it is then when new technologies and innovative ideas come alive to relieve those needs.

the client, powered by her own passion for photography, takes initiative and starts using a remote shutter mobile application to guide photo shoots remotely, from a distance. her clients live in different parts of the globe and from various cultural backgrounds, all wanting to experience the same feeling: self-love.

the visuals

in order to offer this service, the client wanted to have a logo/ image that would help people identify and distinguish this project from the rest of her work.

and so the most effective way to do this was to use a face, that could likely represent anyone, as the centre of attention.

within this concept of a face that could belong to anybody, i drew two styles. one with more of a feminine energy, while the other projects gender neutral characteristic.

both contained inside a polaroid-like frame, that connects itself to the stroke of the faces

the first look

for the first proof i provided the designs accounting the variations requested by the client, who wanted to apply different colours to each design according to the type or tone of the session.

the colours we were considering at that point were more basic, mostly primary, to denote simplicity.

the final results

keeping the illustration and font, the client finally decided to go for darker tones, similar to the ones she uses when editing photos. in addition to the change of colours, we added a texture resembling grain and dust in film photography. the combination of both gave the image a new feel, something more real and tangible.

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I live and work from, the Turrbal, Yuggera and Jagera people, and pay my respect to elders past, present and future. I extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People.
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