funky tote bags

illustrating the world from a different angle


carrying the weight of your day with a smile

the funky totes idea started with the ‘sunny side up’ illustration – a personal view on what being a positive person means. through routine elements i want to portray fun and uplifting sensations on the viewer and the person wearing the printed item.

sunny side up art

the origin

designing garments was something i always wanted to do, even before i decided to become a graphic designer. so when i got my job at @theprintbar i was able to experience the whole production process, giving me powerful insight of how cool items of clothing come to life.

from there, tote bags seemed to be the right canvas for the project, as they can be a tool of encouragement for the owner, who chooses this transport for their belonging as an accessory, to match the vibe of the day they want to have.

sunny-side up

the inspiration behind this illustration comes from my days as a waitress, serving breakfast in front of a beautiful and quiet beach where swimming was not allowed.

early morning decisions between eggs beni, scrambled, over easy and sunny-side up were made while looking towards the horizon where the sun, the breeze and the waves lived.

ideas blossom in front of the ocean

the illustration

i wanted to take a literal approach to the sunny-side up concept, placing an ocean inside a fried egg.

the yolk as the centre, the sun, that shines bright over everything. the waves move around an island with palm trees, a place of relaxation, where you can enjoy the light of the sun, be safe and happy.

eye with love

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I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where I live and work from, the Turrbal, Yuggera and Jagera people, and pay my respect to elders past, present and future. I extend that respect to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People.
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